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A support group and network for parents raising children in a non-theistic home

Welcome Kossacks!

I recently posted a diary about this site on the progressive activism site The Daily Kos.

This story can act as an Open Thread for new visitors.

Please share with me your feedback and comments.

A charitable Christmas activity

Every year, millions of children mail Santa Claus their wish lists. Many of these letters end up at the post office. Some locations will make these letters available to anyone who would like to fulfill some Christmas wishes. You still have time!!

Dealing with religious holidays

For non believers, this time of year causes one to pause and reflect not only on the cultural traditions around us, but in how we should approach the religiosity of the events. This problem may be enhanced with the presence of children. Should we celebrate Christmas? If so, what aspects should be avoided or minimized? I'd like to share with you some of the thoughts I have on the matter for furthering the discussion.

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