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Welcome Kossacks!

I recently posted a diary about this site on the progressive activism site The Daily Kos.

This story can act as an Open Thread for new visitors.

Please share with me your feedback and comments.

Nice one

good article there my friend. I particularly like when you called daily kos reader kossacks. Classy move!

it is a common term on the dk

it is a common term on the dk site that we members use to refer to ourselves.

Did you think it was meant as an insult?

Thanks for the invite

Tho my children are VERY past raising, it is a nice gathering place for those who are of like minds.

My children are still trying to take in that I no longer celebrate Christmas or Easter, despite the fact that 2 of the three are agnostic. Perhaps I need to start a support group for older agnostic parents who have christian children! ;)

Good day thaddeus74 and again, thanks for letting me peer into your site!


Just clicked here off of your sig line on Dkos. I have to go to work in the morning, so I will bookmark and check it out later, but I am thrilled to see it.



Help spread the word!

I like it!

I've been seeking freethinking families for some time because I am surrounded by evangelicals. I was unable to make a comment on your Kos post. I've been a Kossack for a while.